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The term ‘Marketing’ is widely used, but often, you find it’s true meaning isn’t fully understood. Frequently, sales and marketing are considered the same thing. Whilst the two clearly go hand in hand, marketing should also make your customers feel valued and loyal to your brand, with the aim of building lasting relationships with your product or service.


Marketing is all about two things


People… What are their needs? How can your company meet those needs?


Communication… How to get your message out to your audience? Which are the right platforms to use? How is the best way to get your product or service noticed?


Once you know the answers to these questions, you can make a start on a marketing strategy that will deliver results, time and time again.


How can Progression help?


  • Marketing Consultancy – A review of your current strategy and a bespoke solution
  • Marketing material production – From graphic design work to full printing services
  • Email Campaigns with full data presentation
  • Online Marketing – No matter what the platform, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc
  • Public Relations – Letting your client have the correct information about your company, just when they need it, in the most appropriate format.


Whatever your objectives are, whatever you have set as your business and brand goals, we can help create a plan, advise on strategy, create the marketing tools required and finally, deliver your campaign.