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Business Development

Business development, the creation of long-term value for a business from its existing customers, building relationships with new customers and discovering sectors for your business to grow.


Where do you start?


It can appear a minefield, knowing where to start. The first step is to make sure your branding and marketing represents how you want your company to be viewed by your customers, both existing and new. Once you have this in place, it’s time to hunt out opportunities that will add value to your company and persist over the long-term. Now you have the perfect recipe to succeed in consistently growing your business.


Progression has a proven track record in business development


  • A full review of your current strategies, identifying your strengths and weaknesses
  • A full review of your marketing, are there any areas that have yet to be explored?
  • Taking time to understand who your customers are. What are their needs? How would they like to interact with your company?
  • Identifying potential markets or sectors for your business to find growth in
  • Using all forms of our marketing and sales expertise, to generate, build relationships with, and ultimately convert new customers to your products or services

Progression Marketing really does understand people. We love to interact with them, discover what makes them tick, finding out their needs, building lasting relationships. Business Development is another great way to show the true value of our work.


Let’s make a start, we’re here to help every step of the way