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Digital Media

Digital media is your perfect chance to show your customers the real personality of your brand. It can forge relationships and loyalty like no other media can. Digital media is also the perfect way to reach a new audience and whet their appetite for your product.


Which platforms should your business be covering?


It all depends on what sector your business operates in. Business to Consumer, or Business to Business, this makes a big difference to what platforms will work for you, and which will reap the best rewards. Progression has the expertise to know which platforms are right for your business, guiding you every step of the way to social media nirvana.


Targeted Email Marketing


How do you make sure your email campaigns get opened? Making them targeted, relevant, and part of a wider marketing strategy will reap much stronger rewards. Progression can make sure that your business is talking to the right people, at the right time, with the right message. We’ll even back it up with the statistics to prove it.


How can Progression ease the stress of Digital Media?


  • A full review of your current digital media strategy.
  • Bespoke campaign planning, including email. marketing and social media.
  • Fully managed digital media campaigns.
  • Fully managed email marketing campaigns.
  • Full data analytics.
  • Digital advertising.
  • Social media training.


Digital media is an ever-changing landscape, it takes time, skill, and understanding to navigate it effectively. Let Progression be your digital partner, making sure your business always stays ahead of the competition.