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Customer Loyalty

Everyone loves to be loved. At Progression, we love to go that extra mile to make sure your customers love dealing with your business. Every little bit of marketing that your company does should always be focused on breeding customer loyalty.


A warm and fuzzy moment


Every business wants to give their customer the best experience possible, making sure customers come back, time and time again.

The journey to building customer loyalty starts with their very first contact. The ease with which they are interacting with your website, how easy it is to get hold of somebody on the phone, how professionally they are dealt with by your sales team, how well your product or service meets with their needs, and finally, how you say thank you to them at the end of the process. All of these parts are equally important in nurturing customer loyalty.


Why not go a little bit further and make them feel really special?


Once you have honed all areas of your customer service experience, it’s time to bring out the big guns, saying thank you to your client or customer in an even more special way.

Progression are masters in knowing how to make people smile. It could be a simple thank you card, a beautiful and thoughtful gift, a day out somewhere they’ll never forget, or even a fun and enjoyable social event that allows you to show all of your clients how much you value them.


How can Progression make your customers feel loved?


  • A full review of your current customer experience process
  • Bespoke customer loyalty campaign planning, including email marketing and social media
  • Customer satisfaction surveys by email or phone, with full data analytics
  • Fully managed letter and gift programmes
  • Full event planning for that unique social occasion


Progression is ready to make sure your clients and customers are engaged in the best possible way. Making them feel valued, respected, and with them at the very heart of everything you do.